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Living in Rome


When the French writer Stendhal did his tour of Italy around the 1820s, it took him five days to travel from Florence to Rome on a horse carriage. Today the … Continue reading

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Mamma’s boy

It is well known that Italian men keep a close relationship with their mother throughout their adult life. For them, she is like a queen mother, quietly ruling his family, … Continue reading

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smallest cinema in Europe

Rome claims to have the smallest cinema in Europe, with a single room sitting a maximum of 60 viewers. The cinema dei Piccoli, as it’s called, is located inside the … Continue reading

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Are the Romans rude?

I must have one of the worst neighbours in central Rome. His name is Domenico, and instead of being one of those lovely patriarchs out of a 1960s movie, he … Continue reading

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Barbarians at the gate?

Being a foreigner living in Rome is no easy condition, as Romans tend to make it known that they are a breed apart in the city. Is it still in … Continue reading

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red underwear for New Year

There’s a tradition in Italy: to wear red underwear for New Year’s Eve. All the lingerie shops display red only knickers and bras in their windows in the run-up to … Continue reading

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Christmas in Rome

I find Christmas in Rome very pleasant and relaxing. There is less of the commercial pressure felt in Northern European cities, where it is all about buying and consuming. On … Continue reading

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Just as I was about to praise the lovely winter days we’ve just had, it started to seriously rain again…we can’t take so much water any more…..

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Flooding of the Tiber

After so much rain, the river Tiber is rising fast…but is still away from the high levels reached two years ago. It was only over a century ago that the … Continue reading

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I am on the fast Frecciarossa train between Rome and Milan, which is busy as usual and is a fair indicator of the number of people who regularly travel between … Continue reading

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