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Trajan column unravelled

Trajan was one of Rome’s great emperors, ruling over the Empire from 98 to 117 AD. He was a distinguished army leader, who brought victory in the German provinces, and once emperor he ruled with justice, tolerance and respect. Like … Continue reading

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An olive grove in the middle of the city

Italy is well known for its many monasteries, usually located in beautiful and peaceful settings to favour a life of meditation.  However, one such monastery exists in a very urban part of Rome: the Abbazia delle Tre Fontane or Abbey … Continue reading

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Futuristic Rome in the EUR district

Like many people, I have a fascination for the futuristic EUR district on the outskirt of Rome and its landmark, the famous Palazzo della Civiltà, also known as the Square Colosseum, built under Mussolini. It is said that the number … Continue reading

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Goodbye Luna Park, goodbye childhood

Generations of children and adolescents were entertained at the Luna Park fairground in the EUR area (there will be another post about the area). Built in 1953, it brought life to the otherwise quiet area in the evenings and at … Continue reading

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