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The business of immigration (II)

Salambo finds racism is rampant in the city. Whenever administrative officers are being addressed by a coloured person, they ignore them as if they were not talking to them.  A number of residents pretend to help illegal immigrants but in … Continue reading

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Yesterday Salambo saw Berlusconi by pure coincidence. She was walking past the Hotel de Russie on via del Babuino, when police officers were stopping the traffic and asking pedestrians to walk on the other side of the road. There are … Continue reading

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the business of immigration

Salambo finds that Rome has a serious problem with immigrants. She has been helping her African baby-sitter Melina to become legal and finally get her work permit. The procedure has proved extremely lengthy, as four years after Salambo filed the … Continue reading

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Santa Prassede

Salambo had a free day. She was on her way to work when the metro suddenly closed, for an unknown reason (a regular occurrence in Rome). Instead of getting out of her way to get back home to her work … Continue reading

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